I will place recent photos here, primarily so that I can link to them for email or posting on the only boards that I ever participate with, at: and


For Kimís stereo images:††


West Virginia countryside

Don Maguire and the old gas engine project.†

(Reid 15Hp natural gas engine circa 1930 s/n 11754 currently under restoration)

Gas Engine progress 5/04†

Here are some links to more photos. Some of these linked photos are not originally produced by me, and they may be copyrighted by someone.

protective gear to prevent electrical flash burns

my uncle 'Buck' on his Indian motorcycle, circa 1945

poster art from the 60's band Country Joe and the Fish

a spectacular lightning display

homeland security poster

hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

the art gun

dragon from Thailand Buddhist temple

a Gary Larson cartoon

Navajo Nation license plate

an animated gif of machine loading

got bugs in your PC ?

feeding the kangaroos