The Florida Motoristís Song

(to the tune of ďIím and old cow hand from the Rio GrandeĒ)



Iím a driviní fool†† of the FLORIDA school

I dart and weave†† like a crazy fool

I learned to drive in a† S† U† V

And I use the road like it belongs to me

Better watch out for the likes of me

Yippie Yi O Ki Yay


Well I drive real fast†† and I burn the gas

Just one speed I know†† and it sure ainít slow

I buck and jerk like a drunken toad

I drive that way Ďcause I† OWN† the road

Iím way too cool to ever go slow

Yippie Yi O Ki Yay


Iím a driviní fool†† and Iím really cool

If you block my way†† then youíll surely pay

I tote a gun so you know Iím bad

If you dare complain then Iíll go mad

And bust a cap Ďfore I start to laugh

Yippie Yi O Ki Yay


Iím the big big man†† with the master plan

And I ainít got time†† for any other man

I own first place in the old rat race

I ought to be king of the human race

Iím so pretty,† just look at my face

Yippie Yi O Ki Yay


With my flash cell phone†† Iím an idiot clone

Iíll drive so wild,†† maybe break your bones

I run red lights and I jump the curb

Pedestrians beware cause Iím prone to swerve

I† GOT† to get up to the front of the herd

Yippie Yi O Ki Yay

Better get outta my way

Yippie Yi O Ki Yay . . .