To the tune of ‘The Wreck of the Old 97’ or a 60’s folksong,’The Man who Never Returned’

The 'Butcher of Bagdad' was found hiding in a hole in the ground in late December 2003.



When they finally gave up on that pesky binLaden

Who wouldn’t stay put to die

They knew they’d have to find themselves another Bad Man

To help keep the tensions high.


So they looked all around to find a new patsy

Someone they knew couldn’t run

And they found him right there underneath their noses,

Broilin’ in the desert sun



            And was he ever removed ?

Oh no he’s never removed, and his fate is still unproved.

He may roam forever ‘neath the streets of Bagdad

He’s the man we couldn’t remove.


Yes Saddam was a rogue and a well known scoundrel,

But small time just the same

‘Till he fell into the sights of the George Bush handlers

They made him what he is today.




Yes they say he went down in a underground bunker

One day back in early May.

And he’s down there still with Elvis and Osama

Just passin’ time ‘til Judgement Day