Like the stuff on the free energy pages, I think that there must be at least some truth present in each of these sites.  On the other hand, I am not foolish enough to believe completely in any of them.  Sort of like politics itself …  The links are sort of garbled up and mixed as far as topic is concerned.  I mainly only study these for their amusement or entertainment value, and if you like that sort of thing there is material here for hours of browsing.                   antibush                anti bush and other stuff                       anti bush / conspiracy                   SSAN conspiracy                       Anthrax conspiracy                     friendly dictators                    index of cults and weird religions                new world order               not in our name              right to revolution       Robert Anton Wilson library               Bilderburg conspiracy             new world order conspiracy                          Sherman Skolnik conspiracy writer                  computer hacking for political activism                  gold standard conspiracy, lawyer’s secret oath                    drug conspiracy                          biblical end times                      life and works of Thomas Payne                        Jose Delgado / CIA mind control                  Taliban / Al Queda in Austrailia / New Zealand                   CIA Drugs                         too much coincidence                      weapons of mass disruption               part of a speech by Senator Robert Byrd


Here are links to some of my own political rants and social commentary:

                                                                                                 the Florida motorist song’t_remove.htm                the Sadaam song                                 Iraq war commentary                      health of the economy                    ode to a carnivore                     9-11 commentary                     laws of social interaction                               the story of the big bad wolf